Select A Childcare Facility For Your Toddler And Prepare Your Child For Their First Day At The Facility


If you have been thinking about returning to the workforce next spring and will be in need of childcare for your toddler, you may be apprehensive about leaving your child with a stranger or relying upon family members or close friends to help you out. Use the advice below to assist with selecting a childcare facility and preparing your toddler for the transition from remaining home full-time into being cared for by someone other than you outside of your home.

Take A Tour Of Several Facilities

Make an appointment to tour several childcare facilities that are located in the town you live in. Avoid confusing your child or being sidetracked during each appointment by leaving your child with a trusted family member during each appointment. By doing so, you will be able to provide each facility's director with your full attention and will be able to focus on the information that you are presented with.

During each tour, pay attention to the cleanliness of each facility and the amount of toys or recreational activities that are available for children to use during their stays. Ask questions about the cost of childcare and the hours that each facility is open to help you determine which childcare establishment is your best option. 

Learn About Meal Plans And Activities

During each visit, inquire about meal plans and activities that children participate in on a routine basis. You may be able to receive a copy of each menu that is used at the facilities and can learn information about dietary substitutes that are offered if a child has an allergy.

If you would like to prepare meals and snacks for your child because your child is a picky eater or is following strict dietary guidelines, ask if this will be an issue if you decide to enroll your child. Ask for a daily schedule from each facility so that you will know what your child's day will entail if you decide to enroll them in one of the facilities. 

Pack A Bag And Stop By The Facility With Your Child

After choosing the childcare facility that you feel the most confident about, obtain a list of supplies that need to be dropped off on the first day that your child attends the facility. A mat, blanket, change of clothing, diapers, and medication are some standard items that you will likely need to pack. Prior to heading back to work, stop by the facility with your child so that you can introduce your child to the staff and so that your child can grow accustomed to the surroundings that they will be spending time in while you are working. 

For more information and help with transitioning your child to childcare, contact a local child care facility, such as Kaye Kare Child Care Center.


18 December 2017

Finding Child Care for Your Toddler

Welcome to my website. My name is Julia Linder. I’m the single mother of two young children ages two and five. I work full-time and have had to have child care for my babies since they were infants. I’m a firm believer in finding child care that provides a stimulating environment for toddlers. Of course, the number one thing I look for is a safe place. Then I observe the child care while children are present. I want to see how staff interacts with the children. Another important factor for me is that my children are well socialized. I’d like to share in more detail about finding the right day care for your toddler. I hope what I share proves to be helpful to you.