Preschool Prep Tips For You And Your Child


As a parent who has had a little one for a number of years, the idea of preschool might be both exciting and a little scary. You may be unsure how your child will act when they have to spend a few hours away from you, and you might not know how you can help them to prepare for this first foray into their education. Luckily, taking action in the following ways will prepare both of you for a preschool like Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center.

Visit First

If you think it's a good idea to drop your child off in a place they've never seen before, that can be a recipe for disaster. Make some time to visit the preschool with your child, even if it's only a brief visit. You can also get copies of the preschool's daily schedule, which you can imitate in a modified way at home to get your child used to it.

Talk About When You'll Return

One of the reasons the first few days of preschool are disconcerting for a young child is that they don't know when you'll return. They may not know how to tell time and it's natural that they would become upset if you're leaving with no sign of when you'll be back.

One way to settle this discomfort before your child even begins preschool is to tie your return to a daily event that they'll be doing. For example, if the last activity they'll do each day is reading, you can tell your child that you will be back after reading time. Their teachers can echo this while you're away and your child asks when you'll return.

In the days leading up to your child's first day, keep asking when you'll be there to pick them up. They should be able to repeat back to you what you've already discussed with them.

Rise Earlier on the Very First Day

When it's finally time to get up on the exciting first day, do whatever you can to make the hours before as calm as possible. If they are going to preschool in the morning, it's wise to get yourself and your child up a bit earlier so you have time to ease into the day and not run around in a stressful manner. This will also give you extra time if something goes wrong. Being able to arrive at school without already having had a frantic few hours can make your child better able to handle the day.

These ideas can ease both you and your child into preschool life. Take some time to contact your child's teacher so that you can get more suggestions.


15 September 2016

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