The Do's And Don'ts Of Child Care Flu Protection


With flu season in full-swing, how can you protect your preschooler in child care? Even though the flu strikes millions of people annually, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it doesn't have to impact your child. Take a look the do's and don'ts of preschooler protection.

Do Teach Proper Hand Washing

How long does your preschooler wash their hands for? Chances are the answer is either not at all or for a few quick seconds. If your child does to enjoy washing, do they use proper technique? Review handwashing steps with your child—and often. A one-time demonstration may not leave the lasting impact it needs.

To properly wash their hands, your child should lather wet hands with soap and scrub all parts of the fingers/hands for at least 20 seconds. Use warm, not hot (this poses a burning hazard) water. If your child cannot count to 20, tell them to sing the "Happy Birthday" song twice while they wash.

After your child lathers and scrubs, they should thoroughly rinse the bubbles away and dry their hands with a clean towel.

Don't Skip Sleep

While proper handwashing can reduce the spread of the flu virus, it isn't the only way to protect your child. An overall healthy lifestyle, including plenty of sleep, can give your child's immune system a boost. This can decrease the likelihood of catching the flu from another child at daycare or preschool.

Do Get Vaccinated

Has your child had their flu vaccine yet? While a late fall vaccination is ideal, your child can still get the immunization well into the winter months. If they haven't had their vaccination, contact their medical provider as soon as possible.

Don't Forget About Healthy Eating

Like sleep, your child needs plenty of healthy food to boost their immune system. If the holidays have left your preschooler with a sugar hangover, send them back to school with a new nutrition plan. Include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of protein (such as grilled chicken or beans).

Do Talk to the Child Care Center

What is the preschool's sick policy? Do they send children home immediately after they show signs of an illness (such as fever)? Do they have specific rules that restrict a sick child's return to school? The more you know about when and why to keep your child home, the less likely it is that they'll spread the flu (or another illness) around preschool or pick up the virus.

Protect your child from the flu and reduce the risks with a few simple steps. From handwashing and lifestyle changes to vaccination, you can help to keep your child healthy all season long.


28 December 2019

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