The Benefits Of Infant Care Services


What type of infant care is right for your child? Is a child care center at the top of your list of options? If you're ready to return to work, take a look at the benefits of center-based care for your baby.

Benefits for Your Baby

Your baby will get more than just care out of their daycare day. Even though your infant is too young to read, write, or calculate complicated mathematics equations, they're developing new skills at a rapid pace. The child care setting can help your infant to develop:

  • Cognitive skills. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), at six months, 30 percent of infants watch TV daily. Daycare offers a stimulating sensory environment that doesn't include screens. This can help your child to build mental reasoning and other beginning skills.
  • Social skills. Child care exposes your infant to other children and adults. This promotes healthy social skill development.
  • Emotional skills. While your infant won't master their emotions for years, the interactions your baby has in daycare can help them to build a foundation for later emotional development.
  • Physical skills. Whether your child finger paints, stacks blocks, or engages in other motor-based activities, your infant can build physical skills in the early care setting.

The specific activities your infant engages in during their day at daycare depends on the individual center. Discuss the infant curriculum and daily activities with the director or staff to better understand how the child care center will help your baby to develop.

Benefits for You

Along with the benefits for your baby, infant care services can also help the busy working parent. A quality child care center can help you to:

  • Feel comfortable. It's normal to feel nervous about leaving your baby to go back to work, go to school, or do something else. A high-quality care setting can give you the comfort and confidence you need to gently separate from your baby for a few hours at a time.
  • Go back to work. You need someone to watch your child when you go back to work. Center-based care provides you with an easy way to go back to work as a new parent.
  • Find flexible care. A nanny or babysitter may have limited hours. But a child care center will provide you with hours of quality care five days a week.

Beyond these benefits, daycare also gives parents the chance to make new social connections for themselves. You'll meet other parents, make new friends, and start scheduling family playdates. This can help you to build a caring community of peers who understand what it's like to parent an infant as a working mother or father.

To learn more, contact a resource like Kids  Country Club.


9 July 2020

Finding Child Care for Your Toddler

Welcome to my website. My name is Julia Linder. I’m the single mother of two young children ages two and five. I work full-time and have had to have child care for my babies since they were infants. I’m a firm believer in finding child care that provides a stimulating environment for toddlers. Of course, the number one thing I look for is a safe place. Then I observe the child care while children are present. I want to see how staff interacts with the children. Another important factor for me is that my children are well socialized. I’d like to share in more detail about finding the right day care for your toddler. I hope what I share proves to be helpful to you.