The Benefits Of Infant Care Services


What type of infant care is right for your child? Is a child care center at the top of your list of options? If you're ready to return to work, take a look at the benefits of center-based care for your baby. Benefits for Your Baby Your baby will get more than just care out of their daycare day. Even though your infant is too young to read, write, or calculate complicated mathematics equations, they're developing new skills at a rapid pace.

9 July 2020

The Do's And Don'ts Of Child Care Flu Protection


With flu season in full-swing, how can you protect your preschooler in child care? Even though the flu strikes millions of people annually, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it doesn't have to impact your child. Take a look the do's and don'ts of preschooler protection. Do Teach Proper Hand Washing How long does your preschooler wash their hands for? Chances are the answer is either not at all or for a few quick seconds.

28 December 2019

How ABA Therapy Services Can Help Your Child With Autism


ABA therapy services can be an amazing thing to have because of the vast amount of help that it can bring to a child with autism. Not only does this type of service help the child, but the parents and the family unit as a whole. To help you have a better understanding of just how beneficial ABA services can be, you will want to spend a little time reviewing the following information.

29 June 2019

Picking The Right Daycare For Your Child


If you are currently in the process of looking for a daycare center for your child, you may find yourself wondering how you will be able to choose the right one for you and your child. Different daycare centers have different approaches to teaching and childcare, as well as different benefits and drawbacks. Learn some of the ways that you can be sure you are picking the right daycare for your child.

10 November 2018

Select A Childcare Facility For Your Toddler And Prepare Your Child For Their First Day At The Facility


If you have been thinking about returning to the workforce next spring and will be in need of childcare for your toddler, you may be apprehensive about leaving your child with a stranger or relying upon family members or close friends to help you out. Use the advice below to assist with selecting a childcare facility and preparing your toddler for the transition from remaining home full-time into being cared for by someone other than you outside of your home.

18 December 2017

Preschool Prep Tips For You And Your Child


As a parent who has had a little one for a number of years, the idea of preschool might be both exciting and a little scary. You may be unsure how your child will act when they have to spend a few hours away from you, and you might not know how you can help them to prepare for this first foray into their education. Luckily, taking action in the following ways will prepare both of you for a preschool like Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center.

15 September 2016

Selecting After-School Care For Your Child On The Autism Spectrum


With a changing economy leading more families to become dual-income households, the need for daycare and after-school programs is growing. Although most kids can adapt to after-school care situations easily, this transition is typically harder for kids with autism or autism spectrum disorders. As the parent of a child on the spectrum, finding an after-school program for your child may require a bit more research than it might for neurotypical kids.

2 May 2016